My dream is to help you express yourself through lyrics. Choose your package below, submit your instrumental, and I will follow up with you within 72 hours of the purchase to get the project in motion.

Generally, my own lyrics tend to be feelings based and consciously inspiring. This ranges from songs about love, heartbreak, overcoming, healing, and so much more. That being said, I love to write about all things, and I have successfully written songs about aliens, space, peach salsa, sunsets, summer nights, parties, beaches, and so much more.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your art and I can’t wait to make something magical with you!


Write & Record 1 Original Track


Single Hook/Chorus (4-16 bars)


Artist Tag Lines

Custom Vocal Samples

I am open to recording any type of vocal sample you have in mind, from ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, to one shots, to rap verses and more. Please submit your ideas and I will reach out to you with a quote on the project.


$40 + 20% Royalties


I’d love to connect with you and see how I can help you advance your career or songwriting abilities. Right now, I offer one on one songwriting lessons via Zoom, as well as personal coaching on how to grow your Instagram. Click see more to choose your package!


Songwriting Lessons


How To Grow Your Instagram


“Working with Golden Goddess was a great experience. She was very knowledgeable with the mixing and presentation of her voice, and also able to pinpoint things that needed to be worked out and fixed for the release. It felt like a true collaboration experience, and I highly recommend working with her on upcoming music!”


“Working with Golden Goddess has been a huge privilege. Her vision is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see how far she goes in the future. Highly recommend grabbing some lyrics or vocals from her!”


“Golden Goddess is one of my favorite artists to work with. I send her a track I’m working on with a general feeling in mind and she comes back with lasting lyrics and incredible vocals. Every track I work on with her is better than the last.”